On Thursday, June 4, the world joined in mourning George Floyd as he was laid to rest. At our city council meeting on June 2, we shared our condemnation of his unjust death and what the city of Crystal has done (and will do more of) to make lasting change. Mayor Jim Adams’s statement can be read here, and Police Chief Stephanie Revering posted this video with their ongoing efforts – including the Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC) to strengthen relations with communities of color. I’ve attended these and other community forums (as shown in the photo below) —and pledge to continue our work to end systemic racism.

Please reach out to me with your thoughts, ideas and suggestions to serve all with dignity and compassion.

Crystal’s first joint police community forum was held on Oct. 5, 2019 with Robbinsdale, New Hope and Crystal, organized and led by The Inner Hero. Look for more discussion events like these coming soon, all voices are welcome.

Police Community Forum