After the 2020 Census, maps were redrawn in all areas of Minnesota. In Crystal, ward locations were redrawn in some areas, but section 1 and 2 remain the same. Voting poll locations have been reduced to 5. Also of note: our Senate and House District number changed from 45 to 43. Here is a link to the map which shows the new boundaries for wards and updated polling locations:

Click here to see the map in a larger PDF format.

There are three seats up for election this year:

  • Ward 1 (currently held by Therese Kiser)
  • Ward 2 (currently held by Brendan Banks)
  • Section 2 (serving Wards 3 & 4, currently held by Olga Parsons)

Candidates can file between Tues., May 17 and Tues., May 31 at City Hall. Visit the city website for election and voting details. The primary election is Tues., Aug. 9 and the general election is Tues., Nov. 8, 2022.

Are you interested in learning more about campaigns and being a council member? Contact me with questions or to discuss the process!